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386,789 students have achieved their dreams with Gold Star through these high-demand services that will cater to your education and career goals.
Gold Star Home Tuition
When homework and exams get harder, get stronger. Dedicated professional teacher ready to guide you at home.
Boost your score
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Gold Star School and University
Move to a better school or transfer to dream university ?
Find The Answer
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Gold Star Tuition Centre
Perfect place to study. Great learning experiencewith complete and best resources.
Start Now
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All of Our Service
Gold Star’s certified 5-star services are presented as a problem-solver to Indonesia’s education needs
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Gold Star Tuition Centre
Second Home for studying. Feeling unproductive and having a lack of concentration problem? You are not alone. Let's studying and fighting together! Passionate professional tutor ready to help you.
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Gold Star Home Tuition
Reach our top tutoring services easily in your safe and comfortable space. Save your precious time. Every kid has their own studying method or just requires special attention. Our dedicated private students will come to solve your problems with a tailored service. Less hassle, no traffic jams, and more time with family.
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Gold Star School and University
Still uncomfortable in your high school and want to transfer for a better education? One measurement doesn't fit your highest potential. We will guide you to the right school and university. Connect with professional admission teams and never miss a deadline. Many scholarships are available for academic and non-academic achievements. Asia, Europe, America, Australia?
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Gold Star Certified Test and Preparation
Specialize in guiding
kinds of test preparation
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Proven accelerated improvement and guaranteed a high score. Our students got the best results in Indonesia and the world. You are in the hands of the experts
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Gold Star E-Learning
Study anytime and anywhere. Catch up to school subjects and improve your skills with complete exercises and modules. Watch interactive videos, meet tutors best in their fields, and track your progress through our system and grade book.
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Gold Star Online Tuition
Learn on your terms from an expert tutor
Secure, Private Focus with the Interactive Real-Time White
board one on one discussion with a chosen expert tutor
Decide your schedule, budget, and people who you want to work
Your feedbacks and satisfaction help us develop our courses constantly.
Be A Teacher
Be a tutor is a noble job by giving a positive deep impact to society. See how Gold Star Education can help you.
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Earn extra income without having to find students
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Supportive system for teaching preparation
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Flexibility in time for teaching
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